Our Services


Lead generation

Are you looking to generate new leads, or drive high traffic volumes to your product? We deliver targeted results through search, social and discovery channels.


Performance Advertising

Whether your business is big or small, we apply smart performance solutions for advertisers who demand the most powerful targeting, measurement and optimization techniques.


Campaign Optimization

We have a vast knowledge of campaign optimization techniques using inhouse tracking technology. We leverage our in-depth reporting to focus on high performing channels.


Web & Consultancy Services

We provide you with tailored blueprints to run successful websites and campaigns. Our services include strategic planning, operational setup & optimizations, and training.

Who we are

Makinz is located in the heart of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. From the beautiful "Northern Island" (connecting north and south of the city), we build and maintain dozens of performance advertising campaigns globally. Makinz specialises in display advertising, app installs, lead generation and long term online marketing strategies.


We have premium access to a global network of advertisers, publishers and network exchanges.

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Connect with us

Questions about a campaign you want to run or about performance marketing in general? Let us know.

Prins Frederikplein 412,
Rotterdam, NL, 3071 KS

+31 6 125 26 399