With agile marketing & development

What We Do

Grow a business with maximum acceleration. Business goals should drive technology choices – not the other way around. Drive results with a coherent multi-channel strategy, which is essential for optimizing the performance of your product and online marketing efforts.

Our main interest is in providing you with the guidance and tools you need in order to maintain and expand long-term online presence, offering training and coaching for every stage of your project. Your team will learn to work independently and efficiently.

Our goal is to co-develop a sustainable businesses. That's why we establish minimum viable products in order to get started quickly with performance marketing activities. This is the most pragmatic way of learning-by-doing, adopting accordingly and eventually building a full-blown product that really suits the needs of your target audience.

We implement performance marketing strategies that support both lead & conversion goals via search, content, email, and social media channels. We identify the actions that have a large impact on decisive segments of your target audience. We help building content and campaigns based on unique angles, and leverage data to boost ROI% signifcantly over time.

Who We Are

Makinz is located in the heart of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. From the 'floating village' Noordereiland (connecting north and south of the city), we develop and optimize online performance funnels in agile environments. In +12 years of web, we have worked with dozens of customers from many industries, with both B2B and B2C business models.

Our Services

E-commerce solutions

WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCarts.

Web development


Web design

Wireframes, UX and visual communication.

Crowdfund solutions

Fund raising based on (hybrid) open source.

Search Engine Advertising

Targeted results via Google and Bing.

Content marketing

SEO & copywriting best practices.

Social Media marketing

Qualified leads and user engagement.

Email marketing

Subscriber growth and funnel management.

Campaign launch

Niche targeting with unique angles.

Campaign monitoring

Budget control & multi-variation testing.

Product & campaign optimization

Increase return on investment.

Analytics & reporting

Customized goal funnels with clear KPIs.